Barcode solution

Barcode solution

SIGNET QATAR has established a position in the market where it is recognized as a major supplier of both barcode labels and barcode scanners throughout Qatar. SIGNET QATAR supplies large corporate, government, and private enterprises including libraries and hospitals.

SIGNET QATAR is the leading supplier of barcoding technology, expertise and advice to the healthcare industry in Qatar, supplying labels and equipment to 80% of hospitals and private pathology labs throughout Qatar.

From a strong base in the healthcare industry, SIGNET QATAR expanded to offer its barcoding expertise and broad product range to other industry verticals who need to record and track, SIGNET QATAR is also recognized as the leading provider to school libraries, currently supplying over 50% of Qatar Schools.

SIGNET QATAR constantly investigates new products. Combined with a high level of support, we offer good value, quality scanners, Barcode Printers, Thermal transfer ribbons (Wax/Resin) and labels.

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