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Carpet Cleaning

Carpets& Rugs collect all outdoor bacteria and germs that are brought into our homes or offices through shoes, and they act as large filters for dirt, dust, skin flakes, hair, etc. All these particles are settle in carpets and although vacuuming might keep the carpet looking clean on the surface, the deep fibers of the carpet keep all these harmful impurities inside.

No Worries, we provide carpet cleaning services and use state of the art machinery that allows deep and surface cleaning application as conveniently as possible and results in quick drying of carpets without any mess.

Currently we serve three locations in Qatar and are Al Wakara, Ezdan 09-Al Wukair and Ezdan 11-Al Wukair. We do provide collection/delivery services and can be contacted over phone @ +974 30022448, 30022668.

One Stop Shop For All Your Laundry Needs !

Signet Laundry is an easy, convenient, time saving and affordable way to take care of all your laundry and dry-cleaning tasks. We clean them the way they ought to be - in a clean, hygienic and ecofriendly manner using modern technology.