Uniform Rentals

Now with Signet uniforms, you can rent out unifomrs and clothing for events at a very affordable price. Our short-term and long-term rental solutions helps you to save cost and time on your clothing part. Yes ! Now your events are mangaged easily.

Rentals for Events

Now you can opt for daily rental services of uniforms and other traditional-or-corporate clothings for cultural events, corporate get togethers and events, wedding and all other functions at a very affordable pricing and that too you can choose from a wide variety of choices.

Fully Customizable

We help you to customize your clothing to meet your UNIQUE expectations.

Now you can choose from a wide variety of collections and all are customizable with your favourite colors, logos and text content and our dedicated team are experts on CRAFTING YOUR IDENTITY

Quality Products

We use premium quality fabrics in our manufacturing process which is operated using latest state of the art manufacturing techniques and machinery which is more oriented towards delivering high quality products. We have dedicated laundry division and all clothing are cleaned after every use.

Uniform Rentals Made Easy With Signet

When you participate in a full-service Uniform Rental Program, upfront clothing investments are eliminated. We outfit employees in the work clothing of your choice, provide scheduled cleaning, garment maintenance and repairs, and when garments become overly worn to affect business image, we issue replacements.

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Over the past years, we have been able to earn a wide list of clientele and a few are listed below.